Constructing a Genius Loci: The St Pius X’s Church in Wilrijk

Interior of the St Pius X’s church in Wilrijk, after its construction (ca. 1967) and during a First Communion Mass (1977), architects Paul Meekels en Lode Wouters (Archive of the St Pius X’s parish, in Antwerp – Records about the construction of the parish infrastructure).

The St Pius X’s church in Wilrijk is not only a remarkable modern sacred building, but also an interesting case to study the way the Roman Catholic Church negotiated on its presence in the ‘ordinary’ suburban context of Antwerp during the post-war period. Read more about the establishment of this suburban parish and the construction of its principal sacred site in our new article in the proceedings of the conference Genius Loci: places and meanings. 

Weyns E., Sterken S. (2017). ‘Constructing a Genius Loci: the St Pius X’s church in Wilrijk, 1957-1967.’ In: Rosas, L. (Ed.), Sousa, A. (Ed.), Barreira, H. (Ed.), Genius Loci: lugares e significados | places and meanings: Vol. 1 (pp. 251-263). Porto.